“I want to take this time to let you know how happy I am with the purchase of your company’s solar light sign. I have used two of them at our campgrounds for over 2 years now. Their quality is high, with the lighting being nonobtrusive. I would recommend this light to anyone that has a similar need.
In addition, I really appreciate your excellent customer service. You have a positive attitude and respond immediately with requests.
I look forward to working with you in the near future.”
Janis Lloyd, Loon Lake Park Manager
Coos Bay BLM District

Talk about “Bright Ideas”, this solar sign lighting system is an absolute must have. The unit itself is “stealth” during the day and as night falls it gives a Real Estate sign it’s own individual well lit identity. I have to thank Chris Lyons for turning an idea into a very useful marketing tool.
Chuck Miller
Associate Manager
Coldwell Banker, Studio City, CA.

“Thank you it’s catching on by storm. Other neighbors in the area are
commenting on the professionalism and visibility that the sign portrays and asking their brokers for a light on their sign.”
Matt Fonda
Studio City, CA

“Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with The Solar Sign Light. I have been selling real estate for 20 years and I can honestly say that The Solar Sign Light has increased the number of sign calls I get after sundown – it’s amazing. People see my sign 24/7 now – not just during the daylight hours – the increased exposure of my name, company and phone number is like incremental advertising. Additionally, my clients think it’s great…it’s one more tool I use when I am working on securing a listing; it sets me apart from my competition. Finally, I want to thank you for the terrific service – when something wasn’t working right, or I had questions you were always available with a solution – a true professional with a solid product.
The Solar Sign Light is the best, thanks a mil.”
Billy Wynn
Sherman Oaks, CA

“My company is a new user of your product. We purchased the first group at the ERA Convention in Las Vegas and are pleased with our results and will let others know of our feelings. The solar light helps set our listings apart from the competition.”
Woody Hogg
ERA Woody Hogg & Associates
Mechanicsville, VA

“Even the nicest view home, of al long private driveway doesn’t show well at night. But when your solar powered night light is highlighting the property, it makes a huge difference. There were three other homes on the street without night lights and I sold my property, in multiples, within ten days. By the way, two of the offers were from clints that swa my home at night thanks to my Solar Sign Light. This has been the single best marketing tool in listing all my properties, in the last five years. Every one of my listings comes with a Solar Sign Light. It’s the only way to go.”
Marko Babineau
Coldwell Banker